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Eight Tire Tips to Save You Money

Eight Tire Tips to Save You Money

Commercial truck tires are expensive. But so is dealing with a blown tire out on the road. Here are eight tips for making the most of your tire investment.

1. The Right Inflation

Even a tire that’s 10% low can lead to irregular wear, higher fuel costs and ultimately, premature failure. Checking pressures regularly can be a hassle, so consider a tire-pressure monitoring system.

2. Using Dry Air

If the air compressor you’re using doesn’t have a good filter and inline dryer, you may be adding moisture to your tires as well as air. That can break down the tire’s liner and even its steel belts.

3. Good Valve Caps

Tire experts consider this the primary seal against pressure loss, so make sure you have quality, metal valve caps.

4. Regular Rotation

Regular rotation of like-spec tires helps even-out tire wear and can even help increase fuel economy. Set up a tire rotation schedule that coincides with your maintenance schedule.

5. Inspection & Cleaning

There’s no substitute for taking the time to inspect your tires...often. Check for nicks and bulges. And keep them clean. Road chemicals and debris can shorten the life of your tires.

6. Periodic Alignment

The right alignment not only helps increase tire life, but it also can prevent ride and handling issues. Rely on a trained technician, and make sure they check the drive axle as well as the steer axle.

7. Good Driving Habits

If you’re driving aggressively, with higher speeds and harder stops, your tires will suffer. By some estimates, proper driving style can almost double the life of your tires.

8. The Right Tires

More and more commercial tires are designed for specific applications. And anyone running long-haul to the West Coast should fit EPA SmartWay® and CARB compliant tires, like the Ecopia line from Bridgestone.

Follow these tips and you can extend tire life, get better fuel economy and experience far fewer tire-related problems on the highway.