No matter where you got your Rig, we’ve got the stuff you need to keep it running down the road longer and more efficiently. That means lower fuel costs, which can help your bottom line. From aerodynamic parts to low-rolling-resistance tires, we can help your rig run leaner and cleaner, mile after mile.

SmartTruck Authorized Dealer

SmartTruck systems have been verified by the U.S. EPA’s Smartway Transport Partnership, and are CARB compliant for use in California. With durable components designed to perform for a lifetime, SmartTruck systems can save you up to 12.5 gallons of fuel per 1,000 miles.


Tire Inflation System

They’re all that’s between you and the road, so you want to be sure your tires are properly pumped up. Our tire inflation systems help you maintain proper tire pressure and prevent premature tire failures, maximizing fuel economy and minimizing tread wear.

Stemco PSI

Side Skirts

Our aerodynamic fairings are CARB compliant and EPA Smartway verified. And they can save you plenty. Independent tests have confirmed fuel savings of 5-7% at highway speeds.

Side Skirts

Bridgestone - Firestone - Dayton Tires

We sell CARB compliant and EPA Smartway verified tires designed to lower your fuel costs. Like Bridgestone's new Ecopia line of low rolling-resistance tires. They’re ultra fuel-efficient, and feature durable casings designed for retreading. Find out what a difference they can make on your rig.